David with the backpack ready to spray

Bruce has joined our team to help free up time for Jeff. He went through extensive training to do this. Be on the look out for him on your next service

We are owned and operated by entomologist, Jay Stees. He holds four state licenses in Termites, Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, and Fumigation. Jay is a third generation Pest Control owner and has 41  years in the field.

Meet the Star Technicians who will be coming to your home. Your safety is very important to us so all of our technicians wear a Star shirt, have ID cards issued by the State of Florida, and drive a lettered Star truck.

Wes is our newest and happiest employee. No job taunts him as he efficiently can handle them all.  He was trained by Jeff in Pest control, Lawns and Termites. He is helping everyone out so that we can give you great service and be on time.

Cessy is the happy voice on the telephone when you call. She is great at making appointments and keeping the guys on time. Organization is her game.

David Foreman is our newest Lawn technician, He runs the big truck with precision and takes a lot of pride in his work. Look for him to spray your lawn and help keep it green and healthy.

Carl Clifton has 23 years with Star Termite & Pest Control. He sprays houses, dusts attics and baits for ants and roaches. Carl thinks granules outside the home are important to help keep bugs outside where they belong.

Jeff Stees is our manager He sprays lawns, houses, treats termites, does Tubes in the wall, attic, and under the slab. Jeff also does tree injectors. He is a 4th generation owner to be. He has been following  in his dads foot steps for 28 years.

Star Termite & Pest Control

5185 W Dunnellon Rd

Dunnellon, FL 34433


Locally Owned and Operated for Three Generations

Lewis Pruett has been with Star 23 years. Lewis is great at trouble shooting roach problems.

Star Termite & Pest Control