We are owned and operated by entomologist, Jay Stees. He holds four state licenses in Termites, Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, and Fumigation. Jay is a third generation Pest Control owner and has 38 years in the field.

Meet the Star Technicians who will be coming to your home. Your safety is very important to us so all of our technicians wear a Star shirt, have ID cards issued by the State of Florida, and drive a lettered Star truck.

Kacie Ross is the newest addition to the Star family. She is a Environmental Scientist and is helping us go green.

Carl Clifton has 23 years with Star Termite & Pest Control. He sprays houses, dusts attics and baits for ants and roaches. Carl thinks granules outside the home are important to help keep bugs outside where they belong.

Lenie playing with a dragonfly

Jeff Stees is our lawn supervisor. He sprays lawns, houses, does Tubes in the wall, attic, and under the slab. Jeff also does tree injectors. He is a 4th generation owner to be. He has been following  in his dads foot steps for over 19 years.

Locally Owned and Operated for Three Generations

Star Termite & Pest Control

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Lewis Pruett has been with Star 22 years. He is our Termite supervisor and sprays houses. Lewis is great at trouble shooting roach problems.

Lenie Krick Has been with Star for over 1 year. She has taken to spraying and helping people like a duck to water. She is always happy, friendly and willing to lend a hand. Look forward to meeting Lenie real soon